The Abstracted Body: Photography

The following photographs are apart of my exploration with the female body and with the human body in general. I am drawn to the ways the body its self changes and alters as we live in it. These photographs are self portraits taken with a tripod. The experience of forcing the body to create odd shapes and folds was liberating and fascinating. I challenge those who view these pictures to search for what they see in these photographs besides a human body. 


Summer 2018 Art shows!!

Both art shows are up and ready for viewing! One is at the Joe Van Gogh coffee shop in the timberline shopping center, Chapel hill. The other is at the UNC women's Hospital, Chapel Hill! Details are provided on the home page! 


Nice, France 2018

Swallowed by the well of thought; amongst the sediments of cobbled ruins and worn glass, I concave into purples and pinks. Chilled by the mothers breath I am left with the sweet songs of tension. Pulled by the moon, pushed by gravity. I am numb to the tension, invigorated by my pulse. I am left to melt, swelling into pools of grief. aspirer... expirer... I breathe in fire laced air, ignited by salt. My raw skin burns reminding me of my demons. I am forced to exhale extinguishing the fire, allowing each limb of weight on my shoulder break one by one. Between fire and release what is left is my being: she is still, she is grateful, she is loved.